Diamond Package

Choice of Two (2) Veg. Snack
Choice of Two (2) Non-Veg. Snack
Choice of Two (2) Sweet
Indian Tea Included
Main Course
Choice of Two (2) Veg. Items
Choice of Two (2) Non-Veg. Items
Rice, Raita, Naan & Salad included
Choice of One (1) Dessert
  1. Each Special Food Stall with canopy $5.00 per person extra
  2. Each additional Veg. Appetizer $1.00 per person
  3. Each additional Non Veg. Appetizer $2.00 per person
  4. Each additional Main Course Dish $1.00(Veg.) – $2.00 (Non Veg.) per person
  5. Each additional Sweets of Dessert $1.00
  6. For less than 200 guest, Tandoor charges will be extra $200 per catering
  1. Prices quoted are for Food only.
  2. Food is best consumed within 2 hours from the time of delivery
  3. Increase in number of guests will be charged extra as per person basis
  4. 50% deposit required (non-refundable) to confirm the Event Catering
  5. Balance is due prior to the Event Catering
  6. Delayed catering time/occupancy beyond agreed time will be charged $100 per hour
  7. Delivery can be provided with additional cost depending on the location
  8. If deposit is made by Credit Card, balance will be charged on the same card
  9. Authorization is given to charge my credit card for any unpaid balance
  10. Prices are subject to change without notice